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Manuals, technical books, service, repair, workshop manuals, and owner's handbooks.

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Manuals, technical books, service, repair, workshop manuals, and owner's handbooks.

Autobooks Manuals
Republished by VelocePress, this series of Owner's Workshop Manuals is a great resource.

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Brooklands Road Test Portfolios which are compiled from multiple sources and contain a wealth of information.

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VelocePress' specialty is Italian Automobile titles for the historian and enthusiast.

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Auto & motorcycle racing history and fiction titles for the racing enthusiast.

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VelocePress is pleased to add titles covering the entertainment and music industry.

Floyd Clymer™ Publications
Floyd Clymer™ Automobile | Floyd Clymer™ Motorcycle
Autobooks | Road Tests | Italian | Racing | Arts

Floyd Clymer™ Publications

We are often asked to clarify what happened to the business known as “Floyd Clymer™ Publications” after the death of its founder, Floyd Clymer in 1970. 

Shortly after Floyd’s death, the “Floyd Clymer™ Publications” business name, titles and rights were purchased by Andleer, Inc., a California corporation, and for a number of years following that acquisition, Andleer, Inc. continued to publish and expand the line of  “Clymer” repair and service manuals that most “do-it-yourself” mechanics are familiar with.

In 1987, Andleer, Inc. sold the rights to their post-1970 ‘Clymer’ repair and service manuals to Intertec, Inc. Since that date, Intertec has been purchased and merged with a number of larger corporations including Prism Business Media, Primedia (2001), Penton Media and, most recently, (2013) Haynes (North America) Inc. Interestingly, Haynes continues to produce manuals under the ‘Clymer’ name.

In 2000,, currently a division of Veloce Enterprises, Inc., a Texas corporation, purchased the residual titles and rights for all the 1970 and prior ‘Floyd Clymer™ Publications’ including ‘Auto Topics’ and ‘Cycle’ magazines.

In 2005, Veloce Enterprises, Inc., subsequently purchased the titles and rights to the “Indianapolis Yearbook” series, published by Floyd Clymer, and associated publications such as the Speedway and Driver histories.

Therefore, if there is a particular “Floyd Clymer™ Publications'” title that you would like to see reprinted, we encourage you to contact us as all of the titles and rights for publications that carry the “Floyd Clymer™ Publications” logo that are dated prior to 1970, are the property of Veloce Enterprises, Inc., dba

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