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Floyd Clymer™ Motorcycle Books
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Author: Floyd Clymer
ISBN: 9781588502445
VP Book ID: 20131
Pages: 180
Dimensions: 8 1/4" x 10 3/4"

Description: 180 pages, and more than 150 illustrations and charts, size 8.25 x 10.75 inches. Owners of Norton Commando motorcycles are subjected to considerable confusion surrounding the selection of an appropriate workshop manual from the multitude of originals and reprints that have recently flooded the on-line marketplace. Many of the reprints found on internet websites are from ‘bedroom sellers’ at enticingly low prices by individuals that really have no idea what they are selling. Many are nothing more than poor quality comb-bound photocopies that are scanned and printed complete with greasy pages and thumbprints and, as such, are deceptively described as ‘pre-owned’. In addition, they are often advertised for the incorrect series and/or model years of motorcycles. The Norton Commando model range is especially subjected to incorrect identification by these ‘bedroom sellers’ and you are encouraged to read the paragraph below to help identify the correct manual for your model.

During the 1968 to 1978 Commando model run there were 4 different manuals published by the factory: The original 52 page 750cc manual (part number 06-3062) is applicable to the 1968 to1970 models ONLY that were fitted with the external rev-counter drive and/or the Atlas style exhaust (refer to ISBN 9781588502421). This original manual was followed by part number 06-3419 which covers the 1970 to1973 750cc models ONLY. The next, and most comprehensive manual, part number 06-5146, was published in 1973 and the 850cc data was added making this manual applicable to the entire range of 750cc & 850cc models from 1970 to 1975 (refer to ISBN 9781588502438). Finally, with the introduction of the electric start, left side gear change, rear disc brake Mark 3 models in 1975, a separate manual part number 00-4224 was published which is specific to the 1975 to 1978 MKIII 850cc series from engine no. 325001 & frame no. F125001.

We are pleased to offer this reproduction of the Factory Workshop Manual 00-4224 to owners of the 1975 onwards Commando Mark 3 models and we hope that the explanation above removes any doubt regarding which manual is correct for a particular series of Norton Commando model.

Models and model years covered in this manual are:
Interstate: 828cc 1975 -1978
Roadster: 828cc 1975-1978
Hi-rider: 828cc 1975-1978
Interpol: 828cc 1975-1978

IMPORTANT: Owners of 1968 to 1970 750cc Commando models that were fitted with the external rev counter drive and/or Atlas style exhaust system are directed to our workshop manual ISBN: 9781588502421 and owners of the 1970 to 1975 750cc & 850cc models would require our workshop manual ISBN: 9781588502438. has been publishing reprints of motorcycle and automobile manuals since 2003 and our publications have earned excellent reviews worldwide so you can be assured you are purchasing a quality product...$34.95 USD


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