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Automobile Floyd Clymerô
Manuals, technical books, service, repair, workshop manuals, and owner's handbooks.

Motorcycle Floyd Clymerô
Manuals, technical books, service, repair, workshop manuals, and owner's handbooks.

Ferrari and Etceterini
VelocePress' specialty is Italian Automobile titles for the historian and enthusiast.

Auto & Motorcycle Racing Titles
Auto & motorcycle racing history and fiction titles for the racing enthusiast.

Arts & Entertainment Titles
VelocePress is pleased to add titles covering the entertainment and music industry.

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Advertising in VelocePress Books

VelocePress books are published using print-on-demand (POD) technology; and, as such, the books are printed, bound and shipped as orders are received. The huge advantage of POD, as compared to conventional book publishing, is that additional pages can be added at any time without worrying about inventory, as there is none! The ability to add pages provides an opportunity for individuals or companies to advertise their products or services instantly in any VelocePress book without the lead time associated with conventional publishing. To better illustrate, the technology used to produce POD books is much like comparing the process used to print the daily newspaper to that used for conventional book publishing!

How does it work?
Letís say you would be interested in placing a full-page advertisement in one of our books and letís assume that the retail price of that particular book is $25.00. There is an initial one-time set up charge of $100.00, plus an annual charge of $250.00 for your advertisement. We will insert your advertisement into that book and it will appear in every copy sold for the following 12 months. Using the $25.00 book as an example, we will send you, at no charge, 10 copies of the book that includes your advertisement. Obviously, you could resell those books at their listed retail price and recoup your total advertising investment, or you may prefer to use them as a promotional tool. At the end of each 12-month period, you have the option of renewing the advertisement for another 12 months for the annual $250.00 fee and we will send you another 10 copies of the book, if you opt not to renew, we will remove the advertisement and it will no longer appear in future printings of the book.

Obviously, as we publish a number of different books on various subjects, you may have an interest in having your advertisement appear in more than one title. Ask us about available discounts for advertising in multiple titles.

Position of advertising
All advertisements will appear at either the beginning or end of the book and the position of the advertisement within those sections will be based on availability.

Methods of payment
All advertising must be prepaid by check, MasterCard, Visa or PayPal.

Advertising copy
Advertising is only available in black & white and copy may be submitted in TIFF, JPEG, EPS or PDF formats at a minimum of 300 dpi resolution. Once you have selected the book you wish to advertise in we will provide you with the maximum dimensions for your advertising copy. Digital files may be emailed or sent to us on a CD. We are available to assist in the design or layout of your advertisement; however, please contact us to discuss further details.

Do you have a different proposal?
We believe that the future for any business that deals in niche marketing to a specialized group of customers lies in networking with each other and we are always open to suggestions. If this particular program does not appeal to you but you can see another opportunity for us to work together, do not hesitate to contact us using the link below.

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