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Author: Russ Catlin & Floyd Clymer
ISBN: 9781588502957
VP Book ID: 20182
Pages: 224
Dimensions: 6.69" x 9.61"

Description: 224 pages and 100 illustrations and charts, size 6.69 x 9.61 inches. This is a faithful reprint of the 1949 Floyd Clymer publication of the same title by the author Russ Catlin. This tribute to Ted Horn's accomplishments is best summed up by Floyd Clymer’s original 'announcement' published at the beginning of the book, which states:

"This book on the life of Ted Horn we believe to be a most accurate and interesting biography of a truly great racing driver and one who was beloved by the thousands who knew him and by hundreds of thousands who saw him perform on the race tracks of the nation."
"Ted Horn was not only one of the world's outstanding drivers and a great champion ... he was a man who came up the hard way ... he asked and gave no quarter. He was honest and sincere in his desire to build interest in automobile racing. He planned his campaigns and races carefully and he injected business methods into the sport of automobile racing. His path was never a bed of roses ... and his grit and stick-to-itiveness made him a leader in his chosen profession. He was considerate and thoughtful of his competitors and I am sure that Ted Horn never knowingly made an enemy. He had a great sense of humor ... he liked to smile and make others happy."
"The author of this book, Russ Catlin, has generously waived his right to the author's royalty in order that the royalties might be paid to Ted Horn's widow and his three children. The story was written by Mr. Catlin after a great deal of research and contact with those close to Ted Horn. It is written in an interesting, breezy style that will surely appeal to the racing fans of the world."

Even though many years have passed since this book was first published it's a wonderful insight into the early days of auto racing and we are pleased that we have the opportunity to make it available once again to a new generation of auto racing enthusiasts worldwide...$29.95 USD


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