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ALFA ROMEO 750 & 101 SERIES GIULIETTA 1300cc (1955-1964) & 101 SERIES GIULIA 1600cc (1962-1965) WORKSHOP MANUAL

Author: Floyd Clymer
ISBN: 9781588502391
VP Book ID: 20126
Pages: 340
Dimensions: 8 1/4" x 10 3/4"

With 340 pages, and more than 500 illustrations and charts, size 8.25 x 10.75 inches, this is possibly the most complete workshop manual for the Alfa Romeo 750 & 101 series of automobiles. It includes: A reprint of the September 1958 factory Workshop Manual (No.637). The 12-page ‘Transmission Appendix’ from the December 1957 manual (No.611). The 15-page 1962 ‘Enclosure to the Shop Manual-Technical Characteristics’ (No.854) plus the 1963 and 1964 ’Technical Characteristics’ publications for the 1600cc models (27 pages).

Introduced in 1954, the initial 750 Series Giulietta was replaced by the 101 Series Giulietta in 1959. Both the 750 and 101 models were powered by a 1300cc (1290cc) engine. The engine capacity was increased in 1962 with the introduction of a 1600cc (1570cc) unit. Co-incident with this engine update, the Giulietta name was changed to Giulia, although they still retained their original 101 Series designation. From 1962 onwards, the updated Giulietta continued to be sold under the Giulia name until they were replaced by the all-new 105 Series Giulia-based models in 1965. As the predominance of the basic mechanical components of the 750 and 101 models remained unchanged during their 1954-1965 production run, the original Giulietta workshop manual was considered adequate and the factory supplemented it with the publication of ‘Technical Characteristics’ booklets (1963 & 1964) that updated the Factory manual with technical data specific to the 1600cc equipped cars.

Timeline of the English language manuals issued by the Alfa factory for the 750 & 101 Series Giulietta and Giulia models: The first English language Workshop Manual (Part No.577 – 600 copies) was issued in May 1957 and it consisted of 14 individual booklets in a ring binder. In addition, a separate booklet numbered 15 was added a little later that was identified as ‘Special Repair Data for the ‘Sprint Veloce, Spider and Super Spider’.

In December 1957, Alfa issued 1000 copies of a softbound workshop manual (Part No.611) that combined the booklets from the May 1957 publication into a single volume. It should be noted that booklet 14 ‘Special Tools and Equipment’ was omitted from this edition and that the images are of poor quality.

In September 1958, another 1000 copies of a softbound single volume manual (Part No.637) was issued and the images in this manual are almost photo quality. This edition also included the previously missing ‘Special Tools’ section. However, for some unknown reason the 12 page appendix to the transmission section from the December 1957 edition was omitted. This same part number (637) was reprinted by the factory in September 1961 (1000 copies).

Finally, in November 1962, Alfa issued 2000 copies of a 15-page booklet ‘Enclosure to the Shop Manual - Technical Characteristics’ (Part No.854). This booklet expanded the technical data for the 1300cc models that was previously included in ‘Technical Specifications’ section of both the ring bound and softbound workshop manuals.

However, in 1962, the Giulietta sport models: Sprint, Sprint Special and Spider were fitted with the new 1600cc engine and the Giulietta Series 101 name was dropped but they continued to be sold under the Giulia name (as 101 Series vehicles) until they were replaced by the all-new 105 Series Giulia-based models in 1965. Consequently, for the sake of completeness, the 20-page October 1963 ‘Technical Characteristics’ booklet (Part No. 955 -1000 copies) for the 1600cc Giulia Ti, Spider & Sprint and the 7-page October 1964 ‘Technical Characteristics’ for the Giulia Spider Veloce should be a required addition to this list of manuals for the 750 and 101 Series models...$34.95 USD


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