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Book of 1930's British Motorcycle Gearboxes and Clutches

Author: Floyd Clymer
ISBN: 9781588501813
VP Book ID: 20093
Pages: 108
Dimensions: 5 3/4" x 8 1/4"

Description:108 pages with 112 illustrations packed with hard-to-find detailed information to assist in the overhaul, repair, adjustment and maintenance of pre World War II motorcycle Gearboxes and Clutch systems including:

ALBION: 2 speed Model C, 3 speed Models G, J & E, 4 speed Model H Gearboxes & Clutches.

B.S.A.: 3 & 4 speed Medium & Heavyweight Gearboxes and Light, Medium & Heavyweight Clutches.

BURMAN: 3 & 4 speed Models E. L, R, W, T, M, O & Q.

DOUGLAS: 3 speed Gearbox and A/31 & D/31 type Flywheel Clutches.

NEW HUDSON: Gearbox & Clutch.

RUDGE: 4 Speed Gearbox & Clutch.

SCOTT: 2 & 3 speed Gearbox & Clutch.

STURMEY ARCHER: 3 speed Gearbox plus single spring, multi spring & shock absorber Clutches.

VELOCETTE: Gearbox & Clutches for both 2 stroke & OHC models.

The predominance of the data included in this publication was compiled from 1924-1939 service documentation. However, much of that same information is applicable to motorcycles manufactured before and after those dates. For instance, gearboxes manufactured by Albion, Burman, Sturmey Archer, etc. were installed in a variety of earlier and later motorcycles. In addition, many of the motorcycle manufacturers also utilized their proprietary gearbox and clutch systems in both earlier and later models.

This publication also includes a complete listing of titles in the ‘Motorcyclist’s Library’ series. Many of those books expand on the repair and maintenance procedures for other mechanical and electrical components and will be of assistance to owners and restorers of classic, vintage and veteran motorcycles...$24.95 USD

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