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Honda 50cc, 65cc, 70cc & 90cc OHC Singles 1959-1983 All Models Workshop Manual

Author: Floyd Clymer
ISBN: 9781588502629
VP Book ID: 20149
Pages: 142
Dimensions: 8 1/4" x 10 3/4"

Description:142 pages, with more than 250 illustrations, size 8.25 x 10.75 inches. At the time of Floyd Clymer’s unexpected demise in 1970, there were a number of manuals that had been completed and were ready for publication. This ‘Honda 50cc - 90cc’ is one of those completed but previously unpublished compilations of various Honda Factory Manuals for the OHC Honda single cylinder 50cc, 65cc, 70cc and 90cc models.

This series of OHC engines was introduced in 1959 with the release of the C100 ‘Super Cub’ and remained in production through the 1983 C70 ‘Passport’ model. This manual covers the step-through models (mopeds), motorcycles (street, trail & off-road) and mini-trial (monkey bikes). The primary focus is the maintenance and repair of the major mechanical and electrical components including: Engine, Transmission, Clutch, Fuel, Electrical, Frame, Suspension and Steering, models covered are:

50cc Motorcycles: S50
50cc Step-Through/Mopeds: C50 – C50M – CT50
50cc Mini-Bikes/Monkey Bikes: ST50 – Z50A

65cc Motorcycles: S65
65cc Step-Through/Mopeds: C65 – C65M

70cc Motorcycles: CL70 – SL70
70cc Step-Through/Mopeds: C70 – C70M
70cc Mini-Bikes/Monkey Bikes: CT70 – ST70

90cc Motorcycles: CD90 – CL90 – S90 – SL90
90cc Step-Through/Mopeds: C90 – CT90
90cc Mini-Bikes/Monkey Bikes: ST90

In addition, based on information published in the 1988 American Honda Motor Co., official ‘Motorcycle Identification Guide’, this manual will be of interest to owners of the single cylinder OHC models listed below. Please note that this list obviously focuses on models that were marketed in the USA. However, many of these vehicles were sold in the Japanese and European market under different model names and owners of these vehicles should also find this manual to be of use. Unfortunately, due to the multitude of various models that utilized these same power-trains, individual model construction details may not be included in this manual.

50cc Motorcycles: C110*
50cc Step-Through/Mopeds: C100* – P50 – PC50
50cc Mini-Bikes/Monkey Bikes: Z50R

70cc Motorcycles: XL70
70cc Mini-Bikes/Monkey Bikes: CT70H
70cc ATV’s: ATC70 – TRX70

75cc Motorcycles: XL75 – XR75

80cc Motorcycles: XL80S – XR80

90cc Motorcycles: CL90L
90cc Step-Through/Mopeds: CM91
90cc ATV’s: ATC90

*Owners of the C110 ‘Sport Cub’ and C100 ‘Super Cub’ series are directed to our Honda factory workshop manuals ISBN 9781588500854 and ISBN 9781588500861, these two manuals are exclusive to those models and, as such, significantly more detailed.

After his visit to Japan in 1961, Floyd Clymer published ‘The Complete Catalog of Japanese Motor Vehicles’ (ISBN 9781588502209). Based on his experiences during that visit, Floyd also anticipated the need for repair manuals for those Japanese motorcycles that were just starting to be imported into the USA [Yamaha (1958), Honda (1959), Suzuki (1963)]. The predominance of the Floyd Clymer Japanese motorcycle manuals were reprints or compilations of the factory publications, which today makes them more desirable than the current aftermarket manuals. ...$29.95 USD


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