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Floyd Clymer™ Motorcycle Books
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1971-1984 CB125, CB125S, CB125J & CD125S
1970-76 CB100, CL100, SL100, SL125 & TL125

Author: Floyd Clymer
ISBN: 9781588502650
VP Book ID: 20152
Pages: 257
Dimensions: 8 1/2" x 10 3/4"

Description:257 pages and more than 500 illustrations and charts, size 8.25 x 10.75 inches. This workshop manual is a compilation of 12 original Honda publications. It includes a reproduction of the original 100cc-125cc factory workshop manual plus the 11 factory supplements that extend the coverage of that original manual through 1984.

The original ‘base’ manual for this series of motorcycles was first published in 1970 in softbound format. In 1971 it was changed to a ring-bound publication, as this better suited the addition of supplements for model updates without the need for printing an entirely new manual.

The 1970 softbound manual covered the CB100, CL100 and SL100 and in 1971 that softbound publication was updated and reprinted to include the CB125S, CD125S and the SL125. A little later, but still in 1971, the first ring-bound version was issued which now included a supplement for the TL125. However, by the end of 1976 all of those models, with the exception of the CB125, had been discontinued, but the base ring-bound manual continued to be updated through 1984 for the CB125 models. For some inexplicable reason, even though 1985 was the final year for the CB125, instead of publishing yet another update, Honda issued a singular manual specific to the 1985 model only.

This 257 page manual covers the 1970 to 1984 single cylinder street, scrambler, motosport and trials models. The primary focus is the maintenance and repair of the major mechanical and electrical components including: Engine, Transmission, Clutch, Fuel, Electrical, Frame, Suspension and Steering, models covered are:

100cc Street – CB100
100cc Scrambler – CL100
100cc Motosport – SL100

125cc Street – CB125 – CB125S – CB125J – CD125S
125cc Motosport – SL125
125cc Trials – TL125

Many of the earlier Honda motorcycle models were often introduced at different times in different countries using different model names or designations. For example the CB125 was first introduced in 1971 but was not available in the USA (as the CB125S) until 1973. These varying release dates and differing model designations often lead to difficulty in selecting the correct workshop manual.

Worse yet, owners of this series of 100cc and 125cc singles are subjected to considerable confusion surrounding the appropriate selection from the multitude of OEM publications that have recently flooded the on-line marketplace. Honda published 11 different supplements and addendums to the original ring-bound base manual and many of these are listed as workshop manuals by individuals that deliberately intend to deceive or really have no idea what they are selling. In addition, many of the so-called workshop manual reprints are incomplete. Consequently, should you decide to purchase your manual elsewhere, you are advised to confirm that it includes all 257 pages of the original factory manual.

Owners of the 1959-1966 twin cylinder 125-150cc ‘Benly’ C92 & C95 series are directed to our Honda factory workshop manual ISBN 9781588500823, owners of the 1964-1980 twin cylinder 125-150cc models will require our workshop manual ISBN 9781588502643.

Finally, please note that the text in the original Honda Factory Workshop Manual was translated from Japanese into English. Consequently, some of the phrasing, grammar, punctuation and word usage may be subtly different from that commonly used in the English language. However the information, as presented, is readily understandable. In addition, while we have done our best to identify any anomalies and errors that may have occurred during the original translation process, we are certain that we will have missed one or two and we request your indulgence in ignoring them...$29.95 USD


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