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Floyd Clymer™ Motorcycle Books
VelocePress publishes a wide selection of Clymer manuals and out-of-print technical books, workshop manuals, service, repair and owner's handbooks.


Author: Floyd Clymer
ISBN: 9781588502667
VP Book ID: 20153
Pages: 240
Dimensions: 8 1/2" x 10 3/4"

Description:240 pages and more than 250 illustrations and charts, size 8.25 x 10.75 inches. This publication is a reproduction of the Triumph factory workshop manual part number 99-0883/0889.

The original 1963 through 1968 workshop manual, part number 99-0883, was subsequently updated with the addition of a 1969 through 1970 manual, part number 99-0889. Ultimately, both manuals were merged by the factory into a single combined manual, part number 99-0883/0889. This combination resulted in a comprehensive workshop manual for the entire line of UK and USA 650cc unit construction twins produced from 1963 through 1970.

However, as this publication is a combination of two separate workshop manuals, some of the pages are duplicated. Fortunately, they occur sequentially and, while one will be for the earlier models, the other will apply to the later models and the reader is encouraged to exercise care in selecting the appropriate page from those duplications. Please understand that this is how the factory dealt with the minor differences within this manual. Unfortunately, the distinction between earlier and later models is not very well defined. For example, depending upon the model, the change from 6 to 12 volt electrics was spread over a 3-year period (1964-66). However, a fairly significant change occurred in 1968 with the introduction of Amal Concentric carburetors and a twin leading shoe front brake. Therefore, 1968 is often incorrectly regarded as a demarcation point between early and late models but, unfortunately, it is not totally accurate.

There were a number of ‘running changes’ made throughout the 8-year production run of these models and the way the factory identifies the point where those changes took place is by referencing engine numbers within each individual section of this manual. Consequently, it is important to note, with regard to any maintenance and repair instructions and also the specifications in the ‘General Data’ (GD) section, that wherever engine numbers are stated, the data will be specific to that particular series. Therefore, the reader is encouraged to read the entire section prior to commencing any work, paying close attention to the engine number sub-sections.

Owners of the 650cc machines are subjected to considerable confusion surrounding the appropriate selection of the multitude of originals and reprints of the various 650cc manuals that have recently flooded the marketplace. However, the combination manual 99-0883/0889 is the most comprehensive manual for the entire line of UK and USA 650cc Unit Construction twins produced from 1963 through 1970 and covers all DU101 through DU90282 plus the later 1969 through 1970 alpha numeric series engines, however, it is somewhat scarce and difficult to find. In addition, many of the changes made during the production run would necessitate the use of both the individual manuals. However, those changes are combined in their entirety in the 99-0883/0889 manual and we are pleased to offer this reprint as a service to all 650cc Unit Construction owners.

The years and models covered are:
Thunderbird: 6T 1963-1966
Trophy: TR6 1963-1970 / TR6R1966-1970 / TR6C 1966-1967
Bonneville: T120 1963-1970 / T120R 1963-1970 / T120C 1963-1965 / Thruxton 1965 / TT 1964-1967...$34.95 USD


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