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Floyd Clymer™ Motorcycle Books
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Author: Floyd Clymer
ISBN: 9781588502698
VP Book ID: 20156
Pages: 238
Dimensions: 8 1/2" x 10 3/4"

Description:238 pages and more than 600 illustrations and charts, size 8.25 x 10.75 inches. At the time of Floyd Clymer’s unexpected demise in 1970, there were a number of manuals that had been completed and were ready for publication; this Honda CB750 is one of those manuals.

When the original manual was compiled in either late 1969, or early 1970, it was only applicable to the first series of 1969/70 S.O.H.C. CB750 (Sandcast) and CB750K0 models and minor changes to these early models are noted in the text. However, detailed information on these changes (and subsequent changes) have been updated, by the addition of supplements, that cover the 1971 to 1978 CB750K (K1~K8) series plus the 1975 to 1978 CB750F (F0~F3) models.

There were a number of ‘running changes’ made throughout the 10-year production run of these models and, in order to provide information applicable to those changes, the appropriate supplements are appended to the rear section of this manual. Prior to commencing any work the reader is encouraged to review those supplements with regard to applicable engine number notations as whenever engine numbers are stated, all specifications, maintenance and repair instructions will be specific to that particular series.

Beginning in 1968 and extending through the 1975 model year, the ‘K’ suffix often, but not always, changed on an annual basis. ‘K0’ was normally used to indicate the first model in the series with updated versions identified as K1, K2, K3 etc. While the ‘K’ number designations continued in use outside the USA through 1978, in September 1973, American Honda adopted a year identifier within the model number - for example; a CB750K’76 would be a 1976 USA model but in most other countries that same model would be identified as a CB750K6. Setting this potential for confusion aside, we can state that this manual covers the 1969 through 1978 S.O.H.C. CB750K and CB750F models.

The CB750 was a true ‘superbike’ but it was also readily available and reasonably priced. After its initial launch in 1969, the CB750 remained in production (virtually unchanged) through 1978. With a 10-year production run of approximately 450,000 units, no one could have anticipated that it was destined to become a collector’s item. Consequently, we are pleased to offer this updated and expanded version of the original Floyd Clymer manual as a service to all 750cc S.O.H.C. Honda owners, enthusiasts and restorers worldwide.

Finally, please note that the text in the original manual was translated from Japanese into English. Consequently, some of the phrasing, grammar, punctuation and word usage may be subtly different from that commonly used in the English language. However the information, as presented, is readily understandable. In addition, while we have done our best to identify any anomalies and errors that may have occurred during the original translation process, we are certain that we will have missed one or two and we request your indulgence in ignoring them...$34.95 USD


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