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Floyd Clymer Motorcycle Books
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Author: Floyd Clymer & Triumph Engineering
ISBN: 9781588502919
VP Book ID: 20178
Pages: 222
Dimensions: 8.25" x 10.75"

Description: 222 pages and more than 200 illustrations and charts, size 8.25 x 10.75 inches. This publication is a reproduction of the 99-0983R revised 1979 edition of the May 1973 Triumph factory workshop manual. It should be noted that the original May 1973 manual, part number 99-0983 was also updated in 1978 using the same part number. However, the R suffix was added to the 1979 revision as it now included a December 1979 supplement 99-7140 for the 1979 (and later) T140E equipped with electronic ignition and the new Lucas RM24 alternator.

This manual is applicable to all 1973 to 1978 750cc UK, General Export and USA twins including the T140V Bonneville, T140RV Bonneville, T140E Bonneville the TR7RV Tiger and the TR7V Tiger. As noted previously, the 11-page supplement extends the coverage to include the 1979 and later T140E models.

Unfortunately, Triumph was already experiencing financial troubles and it is obvious that they were doing everything they could to cut costs. Consequently, the print quality of these later Triumph factory manuals was somewhat compromised by the re-use of images and text from earlier manuals. This re-use is apparent in this manual, as the quality of the images and the density of the text varies within the page and/or from one page to another. While we have done our best to 'normalize' the print density there will still be variations that were just too difficult to correct.

Unfortunately, owners of the 1973 to 1978 models are subjected to considerable confusion surrounding the appropriate selection of the multitude of originals and reprints of the various manuals that have recently flooded the marketplace. We encourage you to exercise caution when purchasing a manual for your motorcycle or automobile as many of the reprints found on internet websites are from 'bedroom sellers' at enticingly low prices by individuals that really have no idea what they are selling. Many are nothing more than poor quality, comb-bound photocopies that are scanned and printed complete with greasy pages and thumbprints and, as such, are deceptively described as 'pre-owned', 'used' or even 'refurbished'. In addition, they are often advertised for the incorrect series and/or model years. Owners of the later 1979 to 1983 750cc machines are directed to workshop manual ISBN 9781588502902 which will also be of use to owners of the 1985-1988 T140 Devon Bonneville...$34.95 USD


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